Bob423 Long Tracks

Updated 11/13/2020 for changes to Fernandina to avoid minor shoaling (was 7.0 MLLW, found path for 9.5 MLLW) plus other fine tuning to increase leeway in shallow spots. Also, all four Long Tracks were modified to correct a problem of downloading into Navionics - they all have a new date of 11/13/2020. 

I've edited my tracks to take out all the circling I did waiting for bridges to open and to remove all side trips and then connected them all together. The result was four tracks covering from Norfolk, VA to Ft Lauderdale, FL, much like the old magenta line but updated to avoid current ICW shoaling. 

I've also included a package of 18 side trips that start adjacent to the blue dotted Bob423 ICW track and show the way to marinas and anchorages that I use. The side trip tracks are in red to avoid confusion with the blue Bob423 ICW Track. All GPX files have been tested to load properly and display with Aqua Map and Navionics. Garmin Active Captain will load the files but won't display the entire length. 

Note: the tracks are good as of the time stamp on the GPX file, they may not show the deepest water after that date due to shoaling which is a continuous problem on the ICW. As always, the Captain assumes all risks in using these files. 

1 - A package of four GPX files for the ICW covering from Norfolk, VA to Ft Lauderdale, FL. This file is currently not available due to updates to individual Long Tracks. 

2 - Just the track from Norfolk, VA to Southport, NC updated to include all October 2020 daily tracks from Norfolk to Southport. Many changes are included to avoid shoaling: Browns Inlet, New River approach at G65A, New River, Topsail inlet (several places), Snows Cut, channel to Cape Fear River and additional minor changes. 
B423 Norfolk to Southport 111320

3 - Just the track from Southport, NC to Savannah, GA - includes all tracks from Oct 2020 trip and now includes the Lockwoods Folly Shore Route. 
B423 Southport to Savannah 111320

4 - Just the track from Savannah, GA to Titusville, FL to include all tracks from Oct 2020 trip with major changes to Mud River for 3.9 MLLW, Jekyll Island for 6.3 MLLW, and Fernandina for 9.5 MLLW. 
B423 Savannah to Titusville 111320

5 - Just the track from Titusville, FL to Ft Lauderdale, FL
B423 Titusville to Ft Lauderdale 111320

6 - All 18 side trips for safe passage into Homer Smith Marina in Beaufort, NC, Jekyll Island Anchorage, Bethune Anchorage in Daytona, FL, Cedar Creek Anchorage, NC, Pungo River Anchorage, NC, Ft Matanzas Anchorage in FL, and many others. All side trip tracks are in red and start near the blue dotted Bob423 ICW Track. 
Bob423 All Side Tracks

7 - Lockwoods Folly Shore Route 



  1. I am using your page of trouble spots. Appreciate that I can tap and go to a usace colored sweep you show with 2020 Southward comments from you. I choose not to buy Aqua Map for view of your Routes. It seems to me I will get what I need this way. Will let you know in the next 2 days! Tomorrow is Browns River and New River. Thank you for your current research.- Joe n Mik Heinrich on Jezebell

  2. I would highly recommend buying Aqua Map Master, $10/year for charts and $10/year for access to the USACE surveys. With that purchase, you can download my updated tracks and know the updated, exact path through the shallows. Most of the ICW does not change year to year but certain areas like Browns Inlet, Lockwoods Folly, Shallotte, Watts Cut, Ashepoo-Coosaw Cutoff, and other short segments do change, sometimes from month to month.

    If you have Aqua Map Master, you will always know the most current deep water path. Compared to the cost of a grounding, it’s a trivial investment.

    1. Good morning Bob,
      This is Roberto on “Gratitude” (fellow tester for AquaMap). I am having trouble downloading your tracks on AquaMap on my iPad. I’ve done it many times before but something is different now. When I select the track I want to download, tap the “down” arrow on the iPad, then tap on the “spyglass” it automatically goes into TZ iboat app. I’ve tried different things and AquaMap dies not show up as an option as far as apps. Any thoughts or help you can provide?
      Thank you in advance.
      We are sitting in Beaufort waiting for the storm to pass...
      Thank you for all your help and work,
      You can email me directly at:
      Or call if you prefer at (781) 760-7602

  3. Hi Bob,
    I bought your book, Aquamap and an iPad. I am at your blog, but I cannot download your tracks. I see your links, I click on them, but nothing happens. I must assume they are offline (11/10/20 at 9:30 am EST). I will try again later. I will do ICW next year and I am now testing all tools.

  4. The tracks are not off-line, I just tried the links now. What device are you using and what browser?

  5. I'm not computer literate and maybe I'm stupid also but I have read and reread your instructions and can't download tracks.

  6. Unknown, email me at I'll give more detail.